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The Icorp software forms a toolbox with which very diverse applications can be created, as can be seen from the variety of markets on which Icorp is active. This toolbox, with its Data Bridge, Rules Engine and dedicated modules for Billing, Planning, Time Á Expense recording and much more, allows for the creation of very diverse systems, that aim at the transportation of large data sets without the need of manual intervention.

The Icorp system is fully database oriented. The applications run on both industry standards MS SQL Server and Oracle.

Standard software
The Icorp software can cover a great variety of business processes. Without programming, just by configuring the Icorp system via setup pages, encompassing parameters, SQL strings and XSLT.
International use of the system
In international transactions almost per definition multiple currencies and tax codes are involved. Icorp can deal with all kinds of exchange rate calculations and VAT decision trees.

The Icorp software suite is based on Unicode. Customers with a worldwide operation brought up the need to cater for emerging markets with exotic character sets.

Icorp can accommodate infinite languages for its user interface. Per user or group, a specific language may be set. All language captions can be edited and new ones added as needed.

The Icorp software is often in the role of middelware. Forming the central island connecting diverse systems in a scattered systems landscape. Icorp functions as a hub between e.g. quoting, logistic systems and finance.

Web services
Icorp provides web services for other systems to insert data into the Icorp system, to retrieve data or to perform a (controlled) action in Icorp like approving invoices.

The Icorp software can also consume web services provided by other modern systems, for instance to collect data.

A great benefit of web services is their independency from platforms (operating systems, database systems, etc.).

Web services can, for example, be of interest for a warehouse system to exchange warehouse information with Icorp, where the latter conducts the posting into the financial system.

Software as a Service
Instead of buying licenses and installing software on your servers, why not hire our software?
You can subscribe to Icorp SaaS and use the full Icorp software suite from the Cloud. There's no need to install anything on your company's servers or client pc's. A browser suffices.
You only pay a fee per user per month. If a user doesn't do anything in a month, no fee is due, making it easy to work with freelance personnel.

Advantages of SaaS:
  1. Immediate access to newest versions; continuous enhancements and extensions
  2. Easy support. We analyse your problem online
  3. No investments and maintenance costs for web and database servers
  4. No license and maintenance fees for database management systems like SQL Server and Oracle
  5. No need for expertise and budget for systems management, application management and database administration
  6. No dependency on IT department
  7. No license and maintenance fees for Icorp software
  8. Limited costs for implementation
  9. Access 24/7 from any place
  10. Simple price structure