Web Applications for Business Processes

Personal Expenses module

Expenses4U is an Icorp module for expense administration and reimbursement processing. It is an easy-to-use, multi-currency tool that is highly configurable to your specific wishes.

During implementation of Icorp Expenses4U, you can define as many expense types as needed. Each expense type has its own characteristics. For mileage, you may want the user to supply the address from which he starts and ends his journey; for a meal, it may be required to record the time the meal was enjoyed.

Besides anticipating and being fully equipped to deal with these basic expense types, the Expenses4U software provides easy handling of multiple currencies, a frequent feature of business expenses. VAT handling is integrated too to ensure accuracy for every expense booking. It is possible to make a distinction between planned and actual costs. A trip can be planned and approved beforehand, with smart handling of any pre-payments afterwards. Next to data-entry functions, the Expenses4U module provides approval functions for managers. Of course for the next process stage, posting algorithms exist for UNIT4's CODA Financials or other financial systems. 

Do you need personal costs to be re-invoiced to projects or customers? Simply define the criteria for when to do so and the software takes care of it. Tax rules, which can be quite complex in international environments, can be set up to your business’ needs. Expenses4U also has the ability to view the pay status in the financial system.

Managing expenses has to do with company policies. Wouldn’t efficiency and quality control benefit substantially by having those business rules automatically applied? Per expense type the implementing consultant can embed as many rules as needed, in a hierarchy if desired.