Web Applications for Business Processes

Icorp's flexibility

The role of Icorp software is changing rapidly. From a set of satellite applications around CODA Financials, the Icorp software has progressed to become:

  • a collection of building blocks from which heterogeneous applications are built;
  • the central island connecting diverse systems in a scattered systems landscape;
  • an extensive rules engine providing algorithm collections in multiple stages of data transport and transformation.

Often Icorp products form the stepping stone between existing systems and a financial information system like CODA. Icorp functions as a bridge between e.g. quoting, logistics systems and finance.

Icorp Data Bridge

The purpose of the Data Bridge module is the collection of data from outside data feeds, whether in the form of direct access to external databases, staging tables or webservices. Also more primitive data sets can be accessed, like XML or Excel files.

Icorp Data Bridge is aimed at the consumption of huge data collections, for instance, the reading in of 1 million transactions a day. New values, updates and deletes are carefully processed.

As expected, Icorp software is optimised to keep performance high. We accomplished this through such steps as breaking up the comparison process and its consecutive database actions into multiple parallel sub processes.

Icorp Web services

Icorp provides web services for other systems to insert data into the Icorp system, to retrieve data or to perform a (controlled) action in Icorp like approving an invoice.

The Icorp software can also consume web services provided by other modern systems, for instance to collect data.

A great benefit of web services is their independency from platforms (operating systems, database systems, etc.). Web services can, for example, be of interest for a warehouse system to exchange warehouse information with Icorp, where the latter conducts the posting into CODA.