Web Applications for Business Processes

Icorp Correspondence

Correspondence is an essential module for any company where proactive communications are an elementary part of business.

The Icorp Correspondence tool can automatically generate messages in the form of print, email, PDF or SMS. Confirmed appointments, completed approvals, missing time claims, invoice notifications, budget reports they’re all a part of your daily processes. Create all communications in custom company templates. An added bonus of the module is a perfect tracking system to retrieve communications, ensuring accurate timing and avoiding duplication.

One company with offices all over the world uses Correspondence as a surveillance system for any malfunctions in the systems. An automatically generated e-mail is sent to the right person once a problem occurs. This makes for proactive, effective business management as was not previously possible without Icorp software.

In addition, a new use of Icorp Correspondence is for Risk Management. Capabilities, rights and restrictions in CODA (and Icorp) are watched and reported to management by Icorp Correspondence if a change occurs.

Of course, the use of Correspondence is not confined to Icorp and CODA. All other database bound systems can be serviced.