Web Applications for Business Processes

Icorp Business Essentials

Icorp delivers intelligent, efficient, user-friendly web-based tools to enhance your business administration. We understand and anticipate today’s complex business needs. Our expertise lies in the careful management of vast amounts of connected information. We provide flexible solutions that optimise work processes and drive performance.

By using complex algorithms we are able to collect data from heterogeneous systems, to transform and enrich these into precious pieces of information. No more time-consuming, unreliable paper trails. Streamline, modernise and improve your Billing, Budgeting, Project planning, Time & Expenses, Reporting, Communications and other business processes.

Icorp has a long and trusted history of successful global implementations. Companies can feel confident that the Icorp software will meet not just your local organisation and regulatory needs, but also any multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-jurisdiction requirements too.



Icorp was an early adopter in making its web software available as a Cloud solution, called Software as a Service (SaaS). It's up to the customer to use our software as SaaS or deployed on premise of the customer's data centre.

Integration and partnership

Integration with other systems is a leading principle in Icorp's software development policy. Icorp is an official partner to UNIT4 UK, UNIT4 US, UNIT4 The Netherlands and UNIT4 Germany. The Icorp software integrates seamlessly with CODA Financials since 1997. Cooperation with other systems is growing.

UNIT4 US: "Icorp provides a range of web based solutions which can be considered natural extensions to your Coda product set."